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CDR Writing Services


What is CDR?

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) Writing is used as medium in which engineers are able to acquire a Skilled Migration Visa for Australia through their proficiencies. There are four significant elements in a Competency Demonstration Report which is the list of Continuous Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes, Curriculum Vitae and a Summary Statement. Each of these segments have an important purpose in your CDR.

The CDR is mainly a technical report that is required by the Engineers Australia (EA) to evaluate the candidate’s engineering qualifications. The aspirant who is being assessed is not from countries or institutions who are members or signatories of Sydney, Dublin or Washington Accord. Hence, an adequate CDR is needed by the engineers who would like their engineering qualifications to be assessed by Engineers Australia (EA) in order for them to obtain the Skilled Migration Visa of Australia.

How can help you? is one of the leading Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) service provider in UAE and other parts of the world. Our professional organization has a number of writing services and has garnered global recognition. We offer complete consultation services to our patrons and create authentic, plagiarism-free and unique content for CDR that will ensure their satisfaction. We provide our clientele with professional review of the CDR content which is prepared by them. As a client-centric organization, our proficient and skilled writers who are from the field of engineering provide complete support and guidance in the creation of CDR from start to finish. We generate CDR and formulate feedback reports that are in line with the requirements of our customers. ensures that your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is flawless. Our expert team provides our clients with single and multiple career episodes that is necessary in the formation of the CDR. Each section of the CDR from the introduction to summary is written in an accurate and precise manner. The Summary Statement which is the most crucial part of the CDR is given special attention for all the competency elements for the nominated occupation is described there.

Through our systematic process, we are able to certify that the accomplishments of our clients are in congruency with their chosen position and educational program. We make sure that the CDR is written is perfect Australian English and is appropriately structured. We emphasize the personal role of our clients and focus on each paragraph in the three Career Episodes in the CDR which is of utmost importance in the attainment of the Skilled Migration Visa in Australia.

Which are the engineering professions require CDR? (Who do we provide CDR for?)

  1.  Electrical Engineers
  2. Electronic Engineers
  3. Telecommunication Engineers
  4. Mechanical Engineers
  5. Mechatronics Engineers
  6. Civil Engineers
  7. Architecture Engineers
  8. Software Engineers
  9. Computer Engineers
  10. Chemical Engineers
  11. Polymer Engineers
  12. Bio-medical Engineers
  13. Control Engineers
  14. Industrial Engineers
  15. Agricultural Engineers

What are the four core occupational categories?

Engineers who are looking to migrate in Australia are required to choose a suitable category which is in line with their occupation. They need to select a particular engineering category and get their qualification assessed from Engineers Australia. The four occupational categories that are within the engineering team in Australia are listed below:

1. Professional Engineer

The Professional Engineer must have a four year bachelor degree in the engineering discipline which is approved by Engineers Australia together with twelve years of schooling or equivalent. He should hold certain responsibilities that is in congruent to the general systems and technical operations of the corporation. He should develop and apply novel engineering procedures and apply management and organizational skills to resolve issues and generate solutions.

2. Engineering Manager

The engineering manager holds a bachelor degree or higher qualification and adequate work experience in the engineering field. His responsibilities include planning, managing, directing, coordinating and controlling the engineering and technical operations of the organization. Once the engineer’s current occupation is in line with the occupational category then he can acquire a skilled visa.

3. Engineering Technologist

The Engineering Technologist should hold a three year engineering technology degree stated by Engineers Australia with twelve years of schooling or equivalent. He should focus on system connections, modification or adaptation of engineering procedures and technology to improve work processes.

4. Engineering Associate

The Engineering Associate must have a two year advanced diploma in any kind of engineering discipline that is approved by Engineers Australia. He must adhere to specific procedures, follow certain processes and apply industrial guidelines accordingly.

Why choose us?

  •  We are the leading Competence Demonstration Report (CDR) writing service providers in UAE
  • We offer different types of quality writing services
  • We are composed of professional and experienced writers from the field of Engineering
  • We customize the CDR content according to the guidelines of the Australian Immigration
  • We are your one stop solution for all your personal and professional CDR writing needs
  • We offer our global clients 100% authentic quality CDR writing that is inimitable
  • We offer 100% unique, original and plagiarism-free CDR Content
  • We provide CDR writing packages at the most appropriate pricing
  • We guarantee the highest standard of CDR writing in different parts of the world
  • We ensure international excellence and timely delivery of CDR writing services

How to get in touch?

To know more about and our Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) writing service in UAE, please feel free to contact us today. We offer assistance in the creation and preparation of a professional CDR that will help you garner the Australian Visa by gaining a positive assessment from Engineers Australia (EA). Our qualified and professional consultants are ready to guide you on each and every aspect related to CDR writing. With our unmatchable expertise in CDR writing, your satisfaction is our guarantee.

To obtain more information on our Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) writing service, please contact us at the following options listed below:

Call :+971 4 3554850 / +971 055 9564344

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