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Academic writing services in Dubai is in great demand as it is recognized worldwide as important educational assignments.

Besides quality and knowledge academic writing in schools and colleges necessitates dedication, thorough knowledge of subjects, and sincere commitment for realizing the tasks within stipulated deadlines. – a reputed academic consultancy in Dubai offers outstanding service for writing customized academic papers at an affordable price in UAE for all its clients.

We offer the best academic writing services in Dubai and Middle East.

While we do abide by guidelines and deadlines, we make sure to never compromise on providing superior and specialized writing services in UAE. Acknowledged globally, we cater to varied needs which are specific to our client’s niches. All our writers are not only experts; they are steadfast and hold great consciousness for writing standards.

IB Essay and Assignment Help


Worried about your IB essay which is due soon? Get help from expert writing consultants in UAE that allow you to receive high quality assignment in International Baccalaureate! The Writers team is well-versed in both standard (SL) essay writing as well as higher (HL) level essay writing, while having a special focus on quality standards. We aim to get you the highest score for your essay, which forms one of our core strengths in delivering IB essays worldwide.

Our IB essay writers hail from diverse cultures, and are adept in preparing essays as per client requirements. Our writers at aim to deliver the best IB essay writing services in Dubai while being in line with the requirements of the IB teachers and curriculum. We understand what is required to achieve the highest marks for IB essays and assignments based on the marking criteria, which forms the key essence of our high quality submissions. This makes the best IB essay writing consultancy service in UAE.

Quality is one of the prominent features that distinguishes, Dubai from the rest in delivering IB assignments and essays. We are also one of the most affordable IB writing services in Dubai. Our submissions are characterized by zero grammatical errors or typos as it will directly affect the marks to be received by our valued clients. We can deliver for a wide range of assignments for IB curriculum which covers WL, IOC, TOK, IOP, IA, EE and many more.

If you are looking for the best quality IB essay writing services in UAE, choose as we believe in guiding students to success in their academic performance. Our specialties extend to, but are not limited to the following:

  • Individual Oral Commentary (IOC)
  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
  • Individual Oral Performance (IOP)
  • Extended Essay (EE)
  • World Literature (WL)
  • Historical Investigation (HI)
  • Internal Assessment (IA)

If you wish to seek our support in IB essay and assignment writing, do give us a call or email us.

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